Unstoppable by George Hirthler

Unstoppable: A Story of Love, Faith, and the Power Couple Who Ignited the College Sports Broadcasting Boom by George Hirthler is the inspiring, untold story of how Rick and Dee Ray fell in love and conquered the college sports broadcasting game. It tells the story of the golden age of college basketball through the eyes of the power couple who ignited the collegiate sports broadcasting boom and set America on the path to March Madness. It is the story of the television revolution Rick and Dee launched—the deals they cut, the producers and talent they hired, the brilliant players, legendary coaches, hard-nosed athletic directors, and perennial collegiate powerhouses who helped lift the sport from its local roots to national prominence. It is also their love story, from the blind date where they discovered common roots and a shared faith to their long and difficult quest to build a family through adoption. From the moment they met, they were equally ambitious, both possessing a relentless hunger for success. But the day they cashed out and moved to the beach, they realized they had won their greatest prize years before—when they found each other.

What people are saying about the book …

“I opened up the book yesterday to take a peek and once I started reading, I could not put it down.”
Christina Lane, PhD, author of Phantom Lady

“It’s a captivating and quick read. But, most importantly, it’s one of the most inspirational stories I’ve ever read.”
—Lori Wellinghoff

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